IES provides a complete end-to-end service: from initial design through to site installation and aftercare. Every job is assigned a project manager, a fully trained engineer who acts as a single point of contact and all critical processes are carried out on site allowing a seamless, rapid service.


IES regularly exports systems around the world and has extensive experience commissioning on international sites. We can arrange a complete export service of all goods through authorised and approved freight-forwarders.

Dave Pringle IES Technician 9 years

Dave Pringle IES Technician 9 years

Either direct or via selected long-term partners we export many packaged controls across all continents. As part of our service we also supply specialised controls engineers to assist with commissioning.

Ras Laffan

Ras Laffan Industrial City is a multipurpose industrial city, located 80 kilometers north east of Doha. The city hosts an industrial port and several industrial facilities and covers an area of 294 square kilometers. It provides integrated services to existing industries and prospective investors.

Ras Laffan Industrial City has direct access to the North Field which was discovered in 1971. The North Gas Field covers an area of some 6000 square kilometers and is considered to be the largest single non-associated gas reservoir in the world with total reserves of approximately 900 trillion cubic feet.

IES completed the cooling water filtration system in the Ras Laffan industrial city natural gas liquefaction plant. Our controls provide the monitoring and control of the complete water-cooling filtration requirement – approx one million tonnes per hour – of the whole industrial city.

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