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C806 Crossrail Wallasea Island

Wallasea Island is an RSPB scheme to return 620 hectares of arable farmland back into the coastal marshland it once was.
C806 Crossrail Wallasea Island
Material excavated from the Crossrail tunnels and stations is transported by ship to Wallasea Island in Essex and used to create a wildlife habitat and wetlands reserve.

Development started in 2011. When completed it will be the largest and most important coastal habitat creation scheme in the UK.

Working in Partnership with BAM Nuttall; IES provided a completely integrated electrical package for the control of the extensive Conveyor system and Pontoon barge offloading plant. The scope included a full discrimination study, electrical design, switchgear, automated control system, complex generator set and site electrical installation. (Contract value £1.4M).